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Our Tech

We're building novel products to control and standardize 'last mile' Cell and Gene Therapy handling, preparation, and administration.

Last Mile CGT
CGT products go through a complex manufacturing process, during which these drug products are meticulously tracked and controlled to ensure quality. Once those therapies arrive at the hospital, however, they require a series of steps that today are manual and lacking in control/standardization. This is the last mile.

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The Odyssey System

We're building an automation platform to introduce control and standardization to this last mile process, while lowering costs. Our platform gives CGT developers control over how their drugs are delivered to patients and increases the pace of new site onboarding and patient enrollment. For HCPs, the Odyssey System enables simplification of training, and reduction of CGT preparation and overhead costs.


The Odyssey System automates steps including:

  • Thaw

  • Wash

  • Filtration

  • Resuspension

  • Dosing 

  • Infusion

For the CGT Developer, this represents a link in their supply chain they don't control over, and are at the mercy of the Healthcare Provider (HCP) and the variable staff skillsets and medical equipment available onsite.

HCPs, on the other hand, are having troubling training and maintaining the staff required to deliver these advanced therapies, and there is an avalanche of CGT products moving through clinical trials. Additionally, the overhead costs of CGT have made it unsustainable to deliver these therapies outside of research hospital settings, which has limited patient access.

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Work With Us

Pilot Program/Clinical Trial Use

We're partnering with CGT developers for a pilot evaluation program to determine interest in using the Odyssey System for clinical trials and beyond. 

Research/Manufacturing Platform

We're selling an open version (programmable parameters) of Odyssey to CGT developers and academic research labs as a tool for research and manufacturing process development use. This is an Investigational Use System (not for use in humans). 

Reach us at to learn more.

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